Fast discharging battery

1. Active Pro watch works on 4G network, so it consumes more battery resources. The normal battery life of this model in standby mode (without calling, without checking the location in the application) is up to 2 days, an average intensively used device can discharge in one day. Using the watch intensively (many calls, listening to ringtones, intensively updating the location in the application, playing with extra functions, etc.) can discharge the watch significantly faster. Cold weather also has a lot to do with device battery drain.

2. If you are using a prepaid card, it probably does not have a mobile data and calling plan ordered. The watch does not use the resources of account - it requires having a service plan ordered.

3. Maybe you did not fully charge the phone - watch? For charging, use only the power adapter and the magnetic cable included in the watch-phone package. Make sure the watch is connected correctly, the contacts are holding tight. Charge for 2-3 hours until you see that the battery is fully charged.
 Do not use smart phone power adapters that are more powerful than 5V/1A. If you did so and the battery started discharging, it means battery was damaged due to improper charging.

4. The phone - watch can also quickly discharge for a seemingly innocent reason - the joy of buying the first phone. Children explore and test the functions of the device very intensively in the first days/weeks.
It's called the joy of discovery.

Video calls  does not work properlyVideo call quality hardly depends on connection quality. If you are at places where mobile data connection is poor, weather conditions are bad or you are in a rural areas, buildings where mobile connection is weak, video calls can work with interferences or not work at all.

Cannot add video call contacts to the watch

1. If you add video call contacts in the app, but it does not appear in the watch, please check if the SIM card in the watch has an active mobile data plan. 
2. If you have been using Super - G app for a while before you add Super - G active Pro watch, you need to update the app version. Some mobile phones download updates automatically, but more often automatic updates are disabled, so please check if there is new app version on Google Play or App Store. 

Location is not accurate or does not work as you think it should

The method of determining the location depends on environmental factors: if you are outside, far from active WiFi networks, the location is determined with the help of GPS. If you are near WIFI networks or in a building with WiFi - the location is determined by WiFi addresses. If you are in a building where Wifi  and GPS is not available, then the location is determined by CELLS (the address of the nearest available telecommunication tower).

Normal localization time is from 30 s. up to 3 min.

Can not add the contacts to the watch, location is not correct.

The SIM in the watch does not contain mobile data. If you use a prepaid SIM, you must order a mobile data and call plan, simply topping up the account is not enough. If you use a subscriber card, contact the operator, perhaps your plan is not active yet.