A quick guide to getting started with Super-G smart phone-watches: 

  1. Unpack and charge the battery fully for the first time. How do I charge Super-G?
  2. Insert nanoSIM card. Make sure to remove the PIN code protection (insert into the mobile phone and disable the PIN code request in the security settings). The watch uses internet data and may require an average of 200 MB per month. How to put the SIM card in Super-G?
  3. Download the Super-G mobile app from the App Store or Google Play app store. You will find the links on the box or in the manual.


    - Link to AppStore (iOS, iPhone users): https://apps.apple.com/lt/app/super-g/id1459227297
    - Link to Google Play (for smartphones with Android OS): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=watch.superg.superg

  4. For registration, you will need a device IMEI. To reach Super-G Blast IMEI, go to the watch menu and swipe to left until IMEI will appear. To reach Super-G Active or Active S IMEI, unlock the watch screen and swipe up from the bottom to the top of the screen. 
  5. The person first to pair Super-G becomes the administrator. Other people can also monitor Super-G – the administrator may give permission to add the device. How do I let another user see my location?
  6. Enter your child's details.
  7. Enter your details and address book (you can do this later).