Congratulations, you have purchased a Super-G watch – phone for kids. This watch is a unique device that works a little differently than a smartphone or smartwatch. To make it easier, let’s start together: 

1. After unpacking the watch, charge it first:

  • Use the 5V 1A adapter for charging; connect it to the charging cable (you’ll find it in the package).
  • Connect the charging cable to the back of the watch. When connected correctly, the charger will “stick” to the magnetic charging contacts.
  •  Leave the watch on a stable surface. Charge for 2 - 3 hours. 

Fast chargers or other chargers with a charging current greater than 1A are not suitable for Super-G watches. Improperly charged watches are not covered by the warranty.

2. Prepare a SIM card for the watch:

  • First, turn off the SIM card PIN requirement (you can do this by inserting the card into your mobile phone and turning off the PIN code requirement in Settings).
  • If you use a prepaid card, order a service plan with calls, messages, and mobile data right away.
  • Make sure your SIM card is the correct size. Super-G watch requires a NANO SIM card.


Super-G is a watch and phone in one, so it needs a service plan for calls, messages, and mobile data. Mobile data is required to connect the phone - watch to the Super-G application and use its features. For subscription cards, the plan is activated, but if you have purchased a prepaid card, you will need to order a plan and be sure to renew it each time the plan expires. If you do not order or forget to extend the plan, the phone-watch will not be able to send and receive information from the application, so you will not be able to see the correct location of the device, you will not be able to save contacts and perform other functions.

3. Insert the SIM card into the watch - phone:

  • Make sure phone - watch is Off before inserting the NANO SIM card;
  • You will find a plastic plate inside the box to open the cover of the SIM card slot;
  • After inserting the card, turn on the watch - press and hold the button on the right side of the case with the lightning bolt;
  • When you switch on your phone- watch with SIM for the first time, please, wait for about 30 to 60 seconds for your device to connect to the network. Arrows on the screen means that the phone – watch is connected to mobile data;

4. Pair your phone with the Super-G app:

To start using the watch, you need to download the Super-G app and create a user account.  Download the Super-G app for your mobile phone, available on both Google Play and the App Store.


  • Click “Let’s Get Started”;
  • Select the application menu language;
  • Create a user account using your email address;
  • Create a password and enter it twice;
  • Read the rules and confirm it;
  • Register the IMEI of the watch.
    You can find the IMEI by swiping the phone - watch screen from the bottom up and on the bottom of the box (15-digit code).
  • Scan the QR code on the watch screen or enter the numbers manually in the application;
  • Enter the phone number of the watch SIM card;
  • Enter your phone number.
    If the watch is connected to the Internet, the entered number will automatically be added to the watch's phone book;
  • Enter additional phone numbers in the phonebook (in the application, click “More” button and add (+)).

Note that contacts that you have not added to the phone – watch contact list cannot call the phone - watch. When entering contacts, you can mark whether you want the contact to be in the SOS dialler. After SOS button is pressed, the numbers you mark will be automatically dialled and an SOS text message will be sent.

Congratulations! You have become a Super-G app user and added the phone - watch to your account. Since you are the first who added the device, you became an administrator, so other users who want to add the device to their accounts will need your permission.

You are ready to use the product! Now let us tell you a bit more about extra features of the phone – watch.


Super – G watch has an additional positioning feature. You will see the map with the location as soon as you open the app. Only users of the app who have added the device to their account, can see it’s location on the map.
Please, note that the phone- watch is not a professional positioning device, and the accuracy of positioning depends on the positioning method. You can see how one is determined on the map in the box under the location arrow.

The location method depends on environmental factors: if you are outdoors, away from active WiFi networks, the location is determined using GPS. If you are near WIFI networks or in a building with WiFi - the location is determined by WiFi addresses. If you are in a building where there is no Wifi and no GPS signal is available, then CELLS (the address of the nearest telecommunication tower signal) determine the location.

Read more about each feature on our page: or in the "Help" section of the app

How to switch off the watch and what is secret menu

There are few ways to turn off the phone- watch:

  • Press and hold the button marked with lightning bolt for about 60s;

  • You can also turn off the clock via the secret menu: turn on the QR code on the screen and tap the screen 10 times. In the menu that opens, press "power off" and the device will turn off.

  • You can turn off the phone – watch via the Super-G application by clicking on "More" in the bottom bar of the "Menu", select "Advanced settings", then select "Turn off the watch" or "Restart watch" (Super-G watch does not have this feature). Confirm the action by clicking „Yes".

When you turn off the device, it will only be possible to turn it on manually. It is not possible to turn on the device via the APP.
The secret menu is a special environment for testing and setting factory parameters. Please, do not allow kids to play with the “reset” function, it will erase all contacts from the phone – watch and you will not be able to call your child until you re-save contacts again.


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