The MAIN function of the Super-G Active PRO phone-watch is CALLS. Phone - watch is NOT a professional location tracker. Location tracking is an additional feature, the accuracy of which strongly depends on various circumstances over which WE CANNOT HAVE INFLUENCE.


In the main window of the Super-G application (or by clicking the first icon in the bottom menu bar) you will see a map. A circle on the map shows the tentative location of the device. Under the map, you can see a rectangle box with information about the watch: time and date of the last location determination, location determination method** (WIFI, GPS or CELLS), information about the battery level of the phone-watch, and preliminary location address. There are also two buttons next to it, "Get directions" (to get directions on Google Maps) and "Location now" (to update location information). 

The app automatically updates all information about the phone-watch when you enter the application. The positioning process may take from 30 s up to 3 minutes.

** When outdoors, the watch navigates by GPS and WIFI, indoors by WIFI and CELLS (CELLS is the position of operators' GSM towers). How accurate location is, depends on the positioning method, environment, and weather conditions.


In the main window of the Super-G application, you'll see:

  • Preliminary address of location;
  • Date and time;
  • Device battery;
  • According to what the device navigates (WIFI, GPS or CELLS**);
  • Button for generating links to the location;
  • Location update button.



GPS location. Most of the maps you know work on this principle. When outside, the watch communicates with satellites and they display the exact location.  

WIFI. When the GPS signal is not possible, the phone-watch scans for WIFI networks and shows the tentative location of the WIFI it has detected. For example, if there is a WIFI signal in the building, the watch will recognize it and show its location in the exact building. 

There are cases when the application shows the wrong WIFI location (for example, the WIFI router has been moved from one place to another, or is incorrectly configured). Also, the address can be selected for the nearest estimated location if the WIFI signal is stronger, in that case, Super-G can show the address of the house next door.


CELLS. This is a third alternative for locating when the watch does not detect GPS or WIFI signals. Then, the device tentatively outputs its location according to the towers of mobile operators, i.e. showing the nearest tower of the mobile operator. In this case, you will see quite a big blue area on the map, and the accuracy error can be up to 15 km.