GEO FENCE is a virtual geographic boundary defined by GPS and WiFi technology. Think of Geo-Fence as an invisible fence that uses virtual GPS/WiFi points to track the movements of the watch-phone user. When the watch user enters or leaves the defined Geo zone, the app user receives notifications.

Since GPS connection is not available everywhere (between high buildings, inside buildings, and alike places), we also use Wifi networks with an accuracy of 15-30 meters (GPS 5-10 meters). This allows you to ensure the high-quality operation of the Geo fence, not only in open spaces but also indoors. However, if the watch user is in a place where nor GPS neither WIFI is available, this function might not work or work improperly. 



When the Geo-fence is on, automatic checking of the watch's location is activated. This is necessary to know if a set Geo-fence has been breached. If this happens, you will receive a notification in the Super-G app. In order to avoid false messages, when the phone-watch briefly exceeds (or due to possible errors) and immediately returns to the zone limits, the location is checked every 5 minutes. This time interval is also optimal so that the battery of your watch - phone does not discharge too fast. 

Remember, location checking requires a very large amount of battery resources, so we recommend using Geo-fence function only when it is necessary. Geo-fence function can discharge the battery in a few hours. 



1. Open "Super-G" application;

2. Press "More" in the lower menu bar;

3. In the list of functions, select the "Geo-Fence";

4. Press “+” to set the Geo fence:

5. Now set your parameters:

  • Create a name for the Geo Fence (Home, School, Park);
  • Set when you want to receive notifications about crossing the limit (leaving, entering, or both;
  • Set the Auto-off time of the function (we strongly recommend it);
  • Set the diameter of the Geo Fence.

6. Make sure you have allowed the Super-G app to use your phone accounts. Otherwise, you will not receive notifications from the app:



The Geo- Fence automatically turns off at midnight. If you want it to work again the next day, you will need to turn it on again. This function is created to turn off automatically and not turn on automatically.
We still strongly recommend using the function only when it is needed and setting an automatic end time because the Geo-fencing feature periodically checks the watch's location and the battery drains faster than using the watch in normal conditions.