Super-G Active Pro watch can measure your child's body temperature. You can also make a measurement remotely (initiate the measurement from the app).

Please note that if the watch is worn improperly, not worn, or other environmental features are not suitable for the measurement - the result may be inaccurate or you can not get any result at all. The result is provided 2 minutes after the initiation of the measurement. To get the best result possible the watch should be worn on the forearm minimum of 30 min. and it must be placed firmly at least 2 cm above the wrist. 

The watch phone is not a medical pulse and temperature measuring device. The presented measurements are preliminary and strongly depend on the accuracy of the measurement and environmental factors. If needed all results must be confirmed with medical measuring instruments. If you think that the child is unwell, please use only medical instruments to



1. Open "Super-G" application;

2. Select "More" in the lower menu bar;

3. Select "Health";

4. In the temperature section, click the arrows icon:

5. Wait 120 seconds and the watch will send the temperature measurement data: