Phone - watch Super-G Active Pro has a video call function. A video call is available between:

  • Active Pro watch phones;
  • Phone – watch and app users who are guardians of the watch (had added it to their account)

Some important tips:

  • Contacts for video calls can be added to the watch via app in the menu section "Video contacts". When adding contacts (application users), it is allowed to select only those application users who are associated with a specific watch.
  • If a you want to add another Active Pro watch user to their video call contacts, you’ll need to add the watch IMEI
  • The maximum duration of a video call is 5 minutes.
  • Persons who do not use the application or do not add the watch to their account in the application will not be able to communicate with the child via video calls.

If you are already the Super-G application user and have purchased Active Pro, be sure to update the application version before adding the watch - phone to your account. Otherwise, the video call contacts menu will not appear after adding the watch.

If you are using the latest version of the application, but video calls from the watch do not reach the application, you probably did not give the application permission to access your phone's microphone and video camera. Give these permissions in your phone settings and the feature will work.