• Calls, voice and text messages to the watch;
  • Calls and voice messages from the watch;
  • Video calls from the application to the watch 
  • Video call between Active Pro model watches
  • 1.4" color touch screen;
  • 240*240 screen resolution;
  • 2.0 MP video camera for selfies and video calls.
  • Alarm clock;
  • Pedometer;
  • Heart rate measurement;
  • Body temperature measurement;
  • Chronometer;
  • Stress measurement;
  • Countdown timer;
  • Weather information (in real time);
  • SOS help button;
  • Battery capacity 640 mAh;
  • Determination of preliminary location*.


SIM card with mobile data, call, and SMS plan is required for this watch. There should be at least 1Gb of mobile data available in the plan. 

* Navigates by WIFI and GPS outdoors, WIFI and CELLS (position of operators' GSM towers) indoors. Positioning error is possible, depending on the communication operator, positioning signal and other technical conditions. This device is not a professional tracker.


Do not submerge the device in water/liquids or pour large amounts of water/liquids directly on the watch body. Getting the watch wet or mechanically damaged will void the warranty.

The watch phone is not a medical device. The measurements presented are preliminary and strongly depend on the environmental factors.

 Super-G Active PRO does not support monitoring function!