Super–G phone - watches can be controled by more than one user.



1. Download the Super-G application. You can find the application for free in the Google play or App store stores.


2. Open the application:

  • Click on "Let's get started";
  • Select the language and press "Next";
  • Enter the information required for registration;
  • Accept our rules and Click "Register";


3. Read the Getting Started Guide:

4. It‘s time to add  the device, you can do it in two ways:


  • After clicking "Scan QR code" - scan the QR code from the watch screen (swipe the screen from the bottom to the top, the QR code with the IMEI of the device will appear on the screen);


  • After clicking "IMEI number" - enter the device code by hand (the IMEI code can be found on the watch or on the back of the gift box):


5. After scanning or manually entering the IMEI code, you will see messages that needs your confirmation:

  • "Watch has already been added. Do you want to be added as a user?" - press the "Yes" button;
  • "Request sent. Please wait for confirmation." - press the "OK" button;

Wait for the watch admin (the first person who has added the watch) to confirm you:


6. The administrator must give another user access to the clock, how to do it:

  • Open the Super-G application on your phone;
  • Press the bell icon to open the notifications;
  • Press "Confirm":


CONGRATULATIONS! Now you will see the phone – watch in your app.