Geofence description



Geofence is a virtual geographic boundary defined by GPS and WiFi technology. Think of the geofence as an invisible fence that uses virtual GPS/WiFi points to track the movement of the clock - the phone user. When you enter or leave a defined Geo zone, you receive notifications in the application.

Since GPS communication is not available everywhere (between or inside tall buildings), we also use Wifi networks with an accuracy of 15-30 meters (GPS 5-10 meters). This allows you to ensure the high-quality operation of the Geo fence, not only in open spaces, but also indoors.


How our geofence works:

When the geofence is activated, periodic, automatic check of the clock location is activated. This is necessary in order to know if the established geofence has been crossed. If this happens, you will receive a message in your application. In order to avoid false reports when the clock briefly (or due to possible errors) crosses and immediately returns to the zone, the location check shall be carried out every 5 minutes. This range is also optimal so that your watch -phone battery does not discharge too quickly.


Enable geofence function and set parameters in Super-G app: 

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  • Geofence
  • After selecting the geofence function, press "+" to set the geofence in the desired location;


  ⚡️ Geofence setting steps:

  • Create a geofence name. Since you can create several geofences, you will see the name of a specific zone in the message when you cross one of them.

Notify when :

  • The watch came out of the Geo zone;
  • The clock is back in the Geo zone;
  • Auto-off time. 
  • Geofence automatically turns off at midnight. If you want it to work again the next day, you'll need to turn it on again.
  • You can set the auto-off time at your discretion. 

Because geo fences periodically check the location of the watch, the battery discharges faster, so we recommend that you set the auto-off time or turn off the feature when it is not needed. 


  • Possible geofence boundaries within a radius of 100m to 5km. Select the desired location on the map and the radius of the Geo zone



Save the selected settings.