1. If your Super- G discharges quickly, check that your SIM card has mobile data. If your SIM card mobile data is turned off or expired, it means that the device is still attempting to send data to the application, but has failed. At the same time, it does not receive information as to the mode for the battery and how often the location should be updated. For this reason, the watch is continuously contacting the application and thus wasting battery power.
    1. If the mobile internet is activated, the display must show: Super-G Blastletter E on the top right of the screen, Super - G Active or Active S - arrows on the top left of the screen.
  2. Check the battery (Super-G Blast and R10 watch) mode set. While the watch is moving and sending information, it is not considered to be in a standby mode, and the battery consumes more power. See here how to change the battery mode.

    *Important! Battery life may be affected by temperature changes. Low air temperatures will drain the battery faster.