More than one user can track Super-G location or contact. There are two ways to do this:

  1. You can log in from another mobile phone with the same login details (by email and password);
  2. By using the Super-G application (both users must have existing accounts):
    1. The user who needs Administrator privileges must scan the device QR code or enter the IMEI code manually. How do I add the device to the Super-G application?
    2. Select “Yes” in the popout message on adding the watch:

    3. In the next window, click Ok:

    4. The user who needs to grant the rights must log in to the Super-G application;
    5. Click on the bell icon in the menu on the top:

    6. In the message list, select a request to add a user to your device:

    7. Select “Confirm” in the popout message: