Smart watches Gudrutis Super G Active and Super G Active S, Super G Active PRO do not have a monitoring function.

  1. Turn on the Super-G application;
  2. Select the “Calls” function in the bottom menu bar:

  3. Click on the blue headset icon:

  4. Select the contact for the watch to call*:

*There may be several users with Super-G tracking rights, so make sure to choose the right contact to call. If you want the watch to call you, you need your mobile phone number to be entered in the watch “Address” book.

Important! Equipment integrated into the watch is not prohibited. Only the use of equipment may be considered unauthorized or illegal. The monitoring feature on the watch is designed to monitor a child and the surrounding environment in case of danger or suspected accident. This is permitted and does not violate the laws. Using the function for other purposes and monitoring persons other than your child is prohibited. The user is responsible for the use of the feature. There is no law governing unauthorized monitoring, which is defined by the Regulation on Personal Data.